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Apple MacBook Wheel: Laptop With No Keyboard

As I was stumbling through news on the first week of January, I reached Onion News Network’s site with a video of the new Apple MacBok Wheel, the Laptop with no Keyboard. It is one of Apple’s latest inventions, and it is currently creating raves in the Internet. A revolutionary laptop that has a sleek touch sensitive click wheel instead of a keyboard.

As I was watching the video, I can’t stop myself from giggling with one of the remarks from a Mac lover that tested the Apple MacBook Wheel, quoted as saying “I never really realized how much I hated the keyboard until I saw this thing”. He took 45 minutes trying to write a simple email to a friend and he now concludes that he loves the MacBook Wheel because of the absence of the keyboard, and it is from Apple.

My personal verdict, though I have not used the said product, IT WILL NOT be easy to use specially if you’re more into documents, spreadsheets, coding and programming. This product is not for those people. Imagine ,that person in the video took 45 minutes to type a simple email, how about if he tried to code a complex program? Qouted from the video, “It remains to be seen if the wheel will catch on in the business world where people use computers for actual work and not just dicking around.” ^_^

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

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